2 Formula one Ferrari liveries you must have seen

When it comes to Ferrari liveries and their 70 years of involvement in formula 1, you can clearly observe 1 constant. To this day, the Ferrari livery always appeared to have a full red chassis. It almost seems that the traditional red on the Ferrari livery is irreplaceable. However in this article I would like to show you the contrary by showing 2 awesome designs which break this full red Ferrari livery tradition.

#1 The Ferrari 158 V8

Back in 1964 Enzo Ferrari abandoned the red colours of the Ferrari livery, swearing that his team would never again race in Italy’s national colours. As you can imagine, his threats would prove short-lived. Whether he was bluffing or not, the Ferrari livery appeared to be indeed different for the final two Grands Prix during that season. As you can see, the Ferrari livery consisted of a blue base with a broad white stripe across the top.

#2 Keppninini’s concept Livery

This Ferrari concept livery was designed by the clothing brand Keppninni. Their main idea was to come up with a so called shakedown/testing livery for the Ferrari team. As you can see, the Ferrari livery looks darker than the models SF90 and SF1000. Also more attention is drawn on the prancing horse, which emphasizes the power and speed of Ferrari instead of a more mature look. Furthermore you can see that there are dark lines running over the whole chassis, this gives a more dynamic look on the Ferrari livery.

The brand Keppninni even created a phonecase based on this very same Ferrari concept livery! It is worth to pay a visit to their store and to check this awesome phonecase design. They also sell other cool designs based on other iconic motorsports liveries.