Develop a shinier product with a swing grinder machine

More and more manufacturers use a swing grinder machine during the manufacturing process, because they deal with burring issues. Metal spurs, also known as burrs, are a result of regular and prolonged use on metal parts. Burrs cause the metal and affects your products and your machines. A swing grinder machine deburrs, grinds and polishes all the metal components. The result? A shinier product with smooth edges.

A mobile swing grinder machine

Q-fin Finishing developed a swing grinder machine which is designed by top industrial experts. The TopGrinder removes hundreds of burrs and polishes and grinds the metal. It is a mobile swing grinder machine that can be used for many manufacturers processes, like grinding, polishing and deburring. This machine is designed by using advanced technology and material from a premium quality.

Developed with solely A-components

The TopGrinder is developed with solely A-components. The machine can be used by a simple mechanism, which ensures an efficient and easy operation. Our swing grinder machine is highly recommended by our customers. Buying this machine will prevent your machines and your products from damages. It will cut down the operation costs. Whether you work with aluminium, stainless steel or steel; our TopGrinder is the best choice for you.