Essential Tips to Pick the Right Dartboard

Darts is quite an entertaining game and loved by people all over the world. People who love to play darts may often need to buy the perfect dartboard. As various dartboards are available, each with distinct features, you must look for a few elements to get the right one for you. Here are the tips-

Consider the Material

Choosing the right material is vital while purchasing a dartboard. The choice of material will determine how long you can use the board. The factors that you need to understand include whether its healing process is fast or slow and whether the thickness is enough or not. A board with better thickness is of high-quality that will serve the purpose for a long time.

Think of the Ink

Dartboards consist of three colours of ink which are green, red and black. When you go to a dart shop, you must choose one with a bit matte finish. If the colours are too shiny, they may have glares to distract your eyes while throwing darts. Quality ink provides good visibility and does not fade after using it for some time.

Consider Depth and Density

Depth and density of a dartboard determine the rate of bounce out of the darts. The right density refers to the right amount of material used, and the proper depth represents the quality to reduce bouncing back of the dart flights. If these factors are checked, you can experience a joyful dart game.

Check Size And Positioning

The size of the board is another important factor. The standard size of dartboard improves the visual experience of the player. The diameter of a standard size board should be 17 ¾ inches or 47.08 cm. And when it comes to maintaining the positioning, you must know that the distance of the bullseye should be exactly 5 feet and 8 inches from the ground. The position of the throw line should be 7 feet and 9 ¼ inches from the dartboard.

Once you buy a dartboard and start to use, you have to replace it regularly to increase its lifespan.