Everything about the CB750

The Honda CB750 is a classic bike many people like and often see, even today. This although the model is quite old already. Dozens of years ago the Honda CB750 first came out but the excitement for it has never gone away. This is why we would like to tell you a little bit more about this bike below, so read on ahead!

It was incredibly popular

Many, many motorcycle enthusiasts liked the CB750 and as a result, many of them were sold. This is part of the reasons why you still see it so often today. That and the fact that they were quite sturdy and durable, which in turn meant their popularity increased even more. You get the idea, it is just an all-around good bike.

People love to restore it

Companies like CB750Faces and such exist simply because of the fact that people love to restore these bikes to their former glory. This means finding and fixing the old parts of the bike that might have stopped working after all those years, until the bike looks and acts like it is brand new.

Café racers

Another option besides restoring CB750’s to their original state, is turning them into café racers. These are more stripped down types of bikes meant for shorter distances and fun little rides. The CB750 has a frame which lends itself well for this type of custom bike, hence many people choose to build one based on a CB750.

It is a known classic

Of course, the CB750 is a known classic. If you didn’t know about it before, now you most certainly do. Hence, it is even a known classic for you now! We love this bike and we hope to have made clear why that is our opinion of this machine!