Everything you need to know about the marine industry

Shipping and the marine industry is very important for our economy. It is the transport and movement of goods, people and animals overseas. This industry goes back to before the written history. But what exactly does this industry involve and what is this industry actually about? To give you a better idea, we would like to tell you more about it! So please continue reading!

What is the marine industry?

First of all, we like to emphasize that the shipping industry can be divided into two subcategories. The first one is the merchant category, whereas the second category entails the naval shipping. The shipping industry is, nowadays, one of the biggest economic influencers. Through seaports, continents and large ships make the world a lot more accessible for everyone. Just think about how the shipping of all kind of products, allows us to distribute goods from a variety of countries. How else you could have gotten all kinds of products into your home? This makes maritime shipping a highly internationalized sector, which makes it very important that the world’s seas remain freely accessible. Furthermore, it is of great importance that employees can travel internationally without restrictions or barriers for work and that global competitiveness is strengthened.

How can we monitor the marine industry?

One perfect solution for monitoring the marine industry, is by Ship performance monitoring. This solution is meant for analyzing and accurately monitoring ships, by virtually representing the ship. This digital replica is constructed of various parameters that analyze the location data, speed data, draught data, meteorological data, and sea state data. By using this parameters, the performance of the ship, as well as its components, is being simulated and displayed. This way, you can accurately monitor if the ship is sailing under perfect conditions or if technical issues