How to improve your working posture

Whether you’re working in an office or in a workshop, a good posture is very important. This not only ensures that you can keep up the work longer, it is also better for your muscles and joints. If you work in a bad posture for too long, you may get complaints at some point. And of course this is not the intention! But what exactly is a good posture? We are happy to tell you more about it!

Feet on the ground

First of all, it is important that you keep your feet on the ground during working. Place both your feet flat on the ground, in order to support your legs. Of course this also depends on whether you have a standing or sitting profession. With a sedentary job it is wise to walk around once in a while and keep your feet flat on the ground while working. Therefore, also invest in a proper chair, which is adjustable to your height and position. If you have a standing profession, you are already standing with both feet flat on the ground and then it is important that you keep moving a little, so that you don’t lean on your feet for too long.


If you work behind a desk, you will have to arrange this workplace in such a way that you can work in a good posture. By this we mean that you have a desk that has the right height, so that you can lean your arms on the desk at an angle of 90 degrees. Furthermore, your computer screen will also have to be at the right height so that you don’t have to bend over too much. If you work on multiple screens, you can adjust the monitor arm so that it hangs straight in front of you.