Lean Six Sigma – Mindset Over Methodology

Lean six sigma is employed to reduce waste and variations from processes in the workplace and enhance productivity. Due to the problem-solving application of lean six sigma, it is often regarded as a methodology. This is further reiterated by the fact that it consists of a bunch of tools and techniques. However, lean six sigma is much more than that. It is rather a mindset.

The Mindset Explained

To explain it in simple ways, Lean Six Sigma is about adopting a mind or an attitude. It is a state of willingness to improve work and adapt to the changing demands of customers. It is an attitude which needs to be adopted.

The mindset of lean six sigma, simply put, is the attitude of accepting and implementing change in order to improve the current situation of the workplace. The positive attitude or mindset towards change is essential to be able to identify the potential for improvement and embrace new ideas and inputs. To serve the customers in the best way, one needs to adapt to the changing needs of the customers. The changes in the dynamic markets and economies also need to be considered when optimising the processes. To be able to truly embrace such changes, the mindset of lean six sigma must be adopted by the lean six sigma leaders.

Applications of Lean Six Sigma Mindset

Here are some of the applications of the lean six sigma mindset:

  • Understanding the Changing needs of the customers and the changing market trends
  • Brainstorming the different ideas available and employing unconventional methods
  • Recognising the need and gravity of the problem to solve it efficiently
  • Reviewing and optimising the processes to increase productivity
  • Introducing new services and products to the customers

Thus, Lean Six Sigma is about the mindset needed to employ the methodology.