The best types of car rental in Holland

Are you looking for a car rental in Holland, but are you unsure about which type of car is perfect for the Dutch roads? Well, we’ve got you covered! Below we will highlight a few things to look out for when finding a car rental to drive around the Netherlands in, as well as a few examples of cars that fit these criteria. Read on and find out all about it right away!

Not too big

Some countries favor large cars and have the infrastructure to accommodate these. A prime example of this is the United States, where many people own a truck. Here the parking spaces and lots are rather huge and the roads have ample space for such large vehicles. In the Netherlands, it’s the other way around. Especially in cities there’s little parking space. When you’ve finally found one it is often tiny and requires some smart maneuvers to get your vehicle in there. The same goes for the parking lots which are often underground and therefore have small entrances and little wiggle room once inside. So, get a car that’s not too big!

Good models

The rest boils down to personal preference, which means there’s plenty of different brands and types of cars that work well on the Dutch roads. A good example is the Volkswagen Golf, which is a very popular option. Other good choices are Renault Clio’s, Opel Corsa’s and Ford’s Focus or Fiesta. With vehicles like these you will get to your destination quickly and comfortably while also being able to park in any spot you may come across.

Don’t rush

The best thing to do is to think your choice over before actually renting the car. This way, you’ll be sure that the car is suitable for your needs and fits your preferences. Good luck!